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Dr. Campbell Responds

As a graduate of Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s Plant Based Nutrition certificate program through eCornell, and having him to credit with providing the final straw to my giving up dairy and eggs so many years back by way of his book The China Study, it’s with great interest that I’ve observed the latest challenge to his findings and indeed motives (yikes!) and his generous and courteous response.

Back in 2006, Dr. Campbell addressed a more organized coalition of naysayers from those sharing the belief that cholesterol and animal fat are good for you. His response was unequivocal and hit back at the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) and the like. It also gave him a chance to report on the unexpected success of the book, having sold some 100,000 copies in 18 months!

This time the critique was from an individual. The attractive Denise Minger. A vegetarian turned raw foodist occupying the area of the Venn diagram where the twain do not meet, which is to say, her diet now includes raw meat. And, of course, a blogger. ;)

It just goes to show, once again, the power of citizen media. These little brain dumps called posts have a way of making the rounds (sometimes), and hers apparently caused enough of a stir and was spreading enough misinformation that the good doctor saddled up to the keyboard to lay down some facts. I encourage you to read them in turn. Here’s what she wrote.

It may well be that a response would not have been necessary had she not deleted some comments that attempted to clear things up straight away (you’ll read about that in the next link). Thankfully, VegSource handled the publishing of Dr. Campbell’s response.

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