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Shulman-Friedel, Chicago 2008

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Just like that… another impressive GM scalp for Josh in Chicago! And, another fan favorite (denoted by a cute little heart icon) on the Monroi website. Enjoy. From the winner’s perspective:

Friedel-Nakamura, Chicago 2008

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Following closely on the heels of his second-place finish at the US Championship, once-New Hampshirite Josh Friedel added another win over Hikaru Nakamura in round two of the Chicago Open. The first time he beat Nakamura, it was considered a major upset and was reported in nearly every chess magazine in existence, complete with extensive commentary. It’s less and less so as Josh continues to improve and impress. Perhaps this will silence those who felt the US Championship was particularly weak this year due to the many well-knowns who opted out. Anyway, here’s that game, which understandably also earned the viewer’s vote at Monroi.

Serious chess. Serious fun!