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World Team Chess Championship

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Every four years, the world’s chess elite come together to represent their countries in high-level team competition. This time the venue is Bursa, Turkey, with play running from January 3rd to the 14th, 2010. Unfortunately, China declined to send a team, but the rest of the powerhouses are there in force.

Just past the mid-way mark, with five rounds of nine in the books, the USA team is playing inspired, fighting chess. They now sit in 2nd place a half point behind Russia who beat them in the third.

My favorite game so far? It’s a tough choice, but this one, having been played today, is fresh in my mind. It contains some beautiful tactics (talk about hammering home a single square weakness [g2]!) and adds another stunning notch to the King’s Indian Defense’s belt. :)

Hoogoveen Open 2009

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Our man, (once) hometown hero, Josh Friedel is currently playing the Open Section at Hoogoveen in The Netherlands. The last few rounds have been rough, but he recovered nicely today with this miniature:

And a few rounds before that, he had this even shorter and far more spectacular game. As you play it out, really slow down at move 16 and on to appreciate the ideas and lines behind the moves. And, did you honestly see that last move coming?! Wow. Good stuff.

Chess Food And The Archives

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Before I get too far into this new blog, I wanted to give a quick tour of the archives hosted under the chess category on my vegan food blog.  They cover the importance of proper nourishment during competitive play.

I think it’s safe to say, from an outsiders perspective, while people likely feel the tension in the room, it’s hard to appreciate how exhausting such prolonged thinking and sitting can be.  Indeed, many of the top players have incorporated regular exercise into their training programs.  And there are stories of many pounds of weight shed during the old World Championship matches. 

Some of the elite—like Magnus Carlsen with his drink of choice, orange juice—also seem to pay a little attention to diet too. For me, it’s critical. I know, in the days before I went vegan, grabbing a quick bite at the local pizza joint, with all that heavy, greasy cheese, really made for an uncomfortable next round. I mean, your heart can get racing at times, and the last thing it needs besides some imaginary threat is all that fat coursing around. Now that I’ve been years on a low-fat vegan diet, my anxiety at the board is much more controlled.

Here are the posts describing ways I’ve packed meals for various events:

Posts with actual game play:

Lastly, a few miscellaneous chess mentions:

I hope you enjoy catching up. There’s more over there than I recalled. :)

So, back to the topic of staying in shape and eating well for chess success, tell me, how do you prep for the food challenges of a tournament? Do you notice differences in your play when you’ve not been keeping up with your exercise or eat something junky versus when you’re treating and fueling your body well?

Shulman-Friedel, Chicago 2008

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Just like that… another impressive GM scalp for Josh in Chicago! And, another fan favorite (denoted by a cute little heart icon) on the Monroi website. Enjoy. From the winner’s perspective:

Serious chess. Serious fun!