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Soy Protein

It’s always fun receiving food through the mail, especially since it’s usually stuff you’d have a real hard time finding locally in a physical store. Saturday’s delivery was no exception. Behold my “Box o’ Soy!” :)

Here you can see a 2 lb box of plain Nutlettes cereal and a bag of Nutlettes Plus which is sweeter and contains powdered vanilla soymilk, so all you do is add water and voila, you’ve got a hearty bowl of cereal! Great for traveling or on-the-go to, say, a chess tourney.

Here are the plain Nutlettes. Just like my childhood favorite Grape Nuts without the excessive salt. You can get these organic or not, but in any case, I wrote the company, Dixie Diner, and they confirmed that all their soy products are GMO-free, regardless of their organic status.

The other packages in the box, except for the soy grits, are meat substitutes. Unlike the crap you buy in the store, these are very low in sodium and, as mentioned before, not genetically modified. They’re all simply soy flour made to different consistencies and shapes. The beef ones also have a bit of corn. You can get ones like the sausage that have spices added, but I prefer to keep the sodium to a minimum and flavor them on my own.

Aside from the Nutlettes, the beef strips were the first up. After a bit of reconstitution in hot water, I cooked them up with some tomato sauce, liquid smoke, onion, garlic, and Italian herbs.

Then, I rolled them up to make a “steak wrap” with some roasted red pepper hummus, hot sauce, non-soy vegan mayo, and horseradish. I’d cooked up some veggies too, but forgot to put them in the wrap. No matter, it was delicious!

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