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Feed A Cold, Starve A Fever

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

So sayeth the old wive’s tale. But what happens if you have both at the same time? That’s the boat I recently found myself in this week, and I ended up doing a little of both since I was able to keep food down, but didn’t always feel like making or eating anything.

It’s been ages since I’ve had a cold, I forgot how not fun they are — And one in the summer? That’s even worse. I make up for it though with migraines, which have a tendency to ruin my weekend at least once a month. (The best thing I’ve found for keeping those to a minimum, by the way, is good ‘ole feverfew. It reduces their frequency and severity, so long as you take it regularly.)

Anyway, I digress. First, let me say, this isn’t a pity party. Actually, I’m pretty happy with how my body managed, fever and all, and just wanted to share a few of the things that worked for me in case it can help others.

Things started out with a sore throat, so off I went to the grocery store to get some as-natural-as-possible menthol drops. They only helped a little.

While I was there I also looked around for a green drink that would keep me nourished without having to do so much as even blend stuff up. What I found is something I’m definitely going to keep in mind.

I used to drink these little bottled smoothie concoctions when I was rushing from work to a poker game, so I remember them being tasty, but it’s been years since they’ve seen my shopping cart.

The one that seemed most jam-packed with goodness was a big bottle (52 oz) of Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness Fruit Smoothie. The consistency being smooth and thick, it was soothing to my sore then later just dry and irritated throat, and it felt like I was getting some good nutrition. Here’s what’s in it:

pineapple juice from concentrate, apple juice from concentrate, mango puree from concentrate, banana puree, kiwi juice, spirulina, natural flavor, chlorella, zinc monohydrate, green tea, spinach, broccoli, ascorbic acid, barley grass, wheat grass, echinacea, garlic, blue green algae, jerusalem artichoke, lemon bioflavonoids, novia scotia dulce

My “prescription”: 8 oz in the morning, 8 oz in the early evening.

A few days in I noticed that fever I mentioned. 100.6°F (“low-grade”) with chills. Rather than taking some medication to reduce it, I tend to agree with Dr. Schulze that it’s there for a reason, i.e., to knock out those bad guys, so I just watched it to make sure it didn’t get into the “high-grade” range (103+) and drank plenty of fluids.

One of the homemade remedies that really helped was warm water with a bit of lemon juice, liquid sweetener of your choosing, and a touch of cayenne pepper. As for food, I kept it real simple with oatmeal, bananas, soy milk, berries, and raisins. Oh, and supplement-wise, extra Vitamin C.

The final ingredients to recovery, rest (could have done better here) and exercise — save for a single skipped day (probably should have been two), I still walked on the treadmill.

I’m feeling much better now. Still traces of symptoms left, but nothing like the incessant sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sinus pain, etc., from earlier in the week.

The human body is an amazing thing, at once so fragile and yet so resilient; just give it the right things to work with and nothing more and don’t fight its defenses, and it’ll take care of the rest.

Michelle Pfeiffer Goes Vegan

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

By now, you’ve no doubt heard the good news of the latest celebrity convert to veganism, the lovely and talented actress Michelle Pfeiffer. In this interview with CNN’s Sanjay Gupta, she talks about how his documentary, The Last Heart Attack with Bill Clinton and vegan doctors Caldwell Esselstyn and Dean Ornish, and aging in general, got her thinking more about her health and taking steps to increase her chances for greater longevity.

Bravo, Michelle! :)

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