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Archive for February, 2012

What Would You Do? Vegan Child

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

I’m a reality tv, true story movie, documentary, and non-fiction book fan. The human psychology, societal voyeur, and educational, among other aspects intrigue me. Not that I don’t like a good fiction piece too, but it’s best if it’s at least thought-provoking, if not mind-blowing.

Anyway, one of the reality shows I watch — and forced my Dad and sister to sit through (LOL) the last time I visited them in North Carolina — is ABC’s What Would You Do? with John Quinones.

Friday’s episode (Feb 10, 2012) had a segment depicting a vegan mother and child eating at a restaurant. The diners at the next table over start questioning their choices and ultimately attempt to get the kid to eat meat while Mom is away. The question posed is, of course, What Would You Do, if you saw this taking place?

Pretty encouraging, wouldn’t you say? And, I like how they flashed little informational messages about where vegans get their protein, etc.. :)

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