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Congress Declares Pizza A Vegetable?

No doubt by now you’ve heard the news. Has Congress actually made it so pizza (still) counts as a vegetable in school lunches?

Backstory: Late last year, President Obama signed a bill until law seeking to improve the quality and healthfulness of the school lunch program. Here is the White House Press release with a sample menu and fact sheet.

And now, this year, with lobbyist pressure from the frozen food industry among others, Congress appears to be going about weakening the act. The LA Times coverage, both in the lead up to the vote, and after, may be some of the best on the controversy.

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One Response to “Congress Declares Pizza A Vegetable?”

  1. David says:

    Why aren’t more people upset about this? Besides the obvious fact that Govt is wasting our money on “pizza=veg” nonsense, what about th effect on our kids who have to try and make sense of this idiocy and of the Govt.
    How will they trust them in later years?

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