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Unprocessed by Chef AJ

Having received a review copy of Chef AJ’s new book Unprocessed some weeks ago, it’s about time I get down to saying a few words about it. Which, aside from finding that elusive chunk of so-called free time do so, is not hard at all. In other words, I’m really enjoying this one and can definitely see myself leaving it handy for the recipe ideas.

The book begins with Chef AJ’s story from childhood, when the food was good and wholesome, thru how it changed to the more Standard American Diet when she left the fold (and the sad times that followed), up thru making the choice to eat healthier and more simply (and the happiness that brought her).

Chef AJ cites her influences as, among others, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. Dean Ornish, and, of course, The China Study by T.Colin Campbell, PhD.

Reading the works of these well-known vegan authors and advocates cemented her understanding of the hazards of added oils, sugar, and salt. The result was a clean and vibrant diet which she explains with ease and confidence in the first part of the book and which shines through in the remaining two-thirds comprising a collection of recipes, both her own and others’.

To my mind, this is a great first book to send a friend or family member as it’s filled with encouragement and guidance that is sure to have them at least taking their first inquisitive steps along the journey to health and well-being. The recipes are right up my alley too, with no added oils, sugar, or salt (though a few use low-sodium tamari, which is actually still rather high in it).

There are lots of dessert and snack recipes and soups and meals that feel ripe for entertaining guests. I’ll try to present a couple with pictures in future posts. In the meantime, when Chef AJ was asked over on Vegan Done Light’s Facebook page to name some of her favorites, she responded, “My favorite entree recipes are the white bean and kale lasagna and the sweet potato nachos.” -Chef AJ

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  1. Sounds like a great book. Liked the recipes that were in FOK book. And love a lot of raw but don’t like raw that is TOO fat laden. Also, love the no added oil thing. I am so over a bunch of added oil.

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