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Hummus Helper

The other day my Dad was telling me how his most recent experience with store-bought hummus was a huge letdown. He described it as being too thick and… I don’t remember all the adjectives, but suffice it to say, he thought it pretty bad.

In the future, he said he’d be getting it from Neomonde‘s. I think I mentioned them before. They make real Mediterranean food. It was a big container of their sinfully delicious hummus and a bunch of cut up veggies (ok and some dark chocolate) that sustained me on the ~15 hour drive back home from my visit in North Carolina earlier this year.

Anyway, here’s a great tip for those times you have cruddy hummus, i.e., you didn’t have the time to make your own or get some real stuff. I actually don’t mind the brand with which he had the negative experience, but there are definitely some I avoid. One was like whipped hummus or something, though they didn’t tell you that. It was the reverse of the thick and pasty issue, instead being super airy like it came out of an aerosol can. Yuck.

OK, back to the hummus helper: Simply grill up some peppers — red, orange, and green — and throw in a hot too, if you like. This was just delicious and makes for a super-simple repair job.

The little round ones with the seeds poking out are thai chilis. :)

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  1. Lindy says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Hummus is my favourite vegan standby for sandwiches, pizzas, salads, etc. There are some good commercial brands out there, and some pretty awful ones too. The worst was a hummus I bought recently made with “chick-pea flour” that had the taste and texture of wet cement.

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