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Hot Mustard Garbanzo Beans

As a big fan of heat and spice, I like to create unique combinations and bold flavors, often involving multiple herbs and spices. It’s good to remember though, how just a few simple ingredients can make a big impression.

In this dish, the spotlight shines brightly on hot mustard — that sinus-clearing dip you may be familiar with from Chinese restaurants. Don’t worry, it takes quite a concentration to get it that strong, and the garbanzo beans provide plenty of carbilicious blandness to soften the blow.

The ingredients/directions… Simply 1/2 lb of dried garbanzo beans (chickpeas) cooked in boiling water. Drain and reserve some of the cooking liquid. 2 Tbs(?) apple cider vinegar, 2 tsps (to start?) hot mustard powder, garlic powder. Pour back in the cooking liquid as needed to create a thick sauce.

They’re great whole as above, but I mashed them a bit with a fork and added diced onions to make a spread for a great wraps, with hot peppers, tomato, raw dandelion greens, and vegan mayo. Delicious.

2 Responses to “Hot Mustard Garbanzo Beans”

  1. Dave says:

    Aaww… this is mouth-watering! I always have a fetish for food with lots of spices. I think adding bell pepper makes it smell better. Also, do you have a version of this that does not contain much oil? I am very conscious on fat content these days. My doctor keeps my cholesterol level very low.

  2. Erin says:

    Yeah, this one; no oil at all. :)

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