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Vegan Thanksgiving Pics – Part 2

This Thanksgiving, my friend Scott, who recently announced he’s gone vegan for life after having dabbled for a few years, invited me to spend the day with his family. He took the main and side, while I was put on dessert duty, which was perfect for me, since I really enjoy baking, but try to only do so when making goodies for others (lest I incite a binge).

It was a relaxing, much appreciated day of good conversation and outdoor exercise with the kids.

Sweet Potato Chili (mild)
Cranberry-Toasted Almond Coleslaw

The above main and side were served with peas, potatoes, and squash, no butter or sugar, and a wonderfully spicy, cranberry chutney made by Scott’s mother.

For dessert (told you I like to bake :) ) …

Cranberry-Walnut Bread (top)

Cranberry Walnut Bread (a slice)

Maple-Pecan Chocolates

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

The bread and cookies are from the amazing cookbook Simple Treats, full of vegan and gluten free (though certainly not low-fat) baked goods.

4 Responses to “Vegan Thanksgiving Pics – Part 2”

  1. LaShae says:

    Oh my the buffet in part one has me drooling. I’m sure your sis, brother in law and father enjoyed themselves immensely. What exactly is that in the last photograph, it looks like peanut brittle or something similar?

    And the cranberry-roasted almond coleslaw in your meal looks amazing. What did your friend use as the “dressing” for that?

  2. Erin says:

    I had a look at the original larger photo, and the label, as near as I can tell, says “brittle (w/nuts).” My friend used Vegenaise for the coleslaw, and it was amazing. :) I’ll see if he’d be willing to stop by and drop a link to the recipe.

  3. Tony says:

    This is great, everything looks amazing and delicious! I hope you had a thankful Thanksgiving Day. Reading through your latest entry I know you did. =^]

  4. Scott says:

    The cranberry-roasted almond coleslaw was made from one of the recipes on this link:


    We made this again at home, turned out good, but we substituted Craisins for the cranberries…. ooops! I don’t recommend doing that, stick with the real cranberries!


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