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How Chicken Nuggets Are Made

Remember this scene from Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution?

I was shocked by the reaction of the children. It reminded me of the reality show where kids ranging in age, none much older than 14, were left on their own with minimal supervision to create their own society in an old ghost town.

There was this one situation where they were presented with a choice to keep chickens for eggs or to kill and eat them. Despite how attached some had become, others were eager to do the job. Ultimately the majority vote was to go through with the sacrifice. I was dumbfounded.

So, is that really how chicken nuggets are made? Pretty damn close! Last month, a viral email was making the rounds. It showed the following picture and described the disgusting process.

Looks like strawberry soft-serve ice cream, but the true story, even as mildly corrected by snopes is revolting. It’s nice to be a vegan! :)

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