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Bill Clinton Goes Vegan – Kinda

First it was Mike Tyson, now (ex-)President and former fast food junkie Bill Clinton has also adopted a plant-based diet.

He says he was motivated by his daughter Chelsea’s wedding (incidentally, already a vegan for some time), his desire to stay healthy to be around for future grandchildren, and recurring blockages following his stent surgery.

The “kinda” in the title is because he does mention eating fish on occasion, so if we had to choose a label, I guess it’d be pescatarian. But, plant-based is always a safe bet.

Anyway, let’s hope he sticks with it as thoroughly as has Tyson. And, if he needs more reasons he should keep going with his “experiment”, this article‘s top 10 gave me a chuckle. ;)

Bill Clinton credits the following individuals for educating and inspiring him to eat a healthy, plant-based diet.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Dean Ornish,
and T. Colin Campbell’s China Study

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