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O’Soy, It’s Not Vegan

Woopsy, just noticed something about one of my favorite soy yogurts…
it ain’t vegan!

It turns out, the probiotic cultures in Londonderry, NH-based :)
Stonyfield Farm’s O’Soy yogurt are grown in dairy.

So, here’s the question of the day for those of you who consider yourself vegan: Do you have any foods or drinks (ahem, Guinness anyone?) which you know aren’t technically vegan, but that you consider “close enough” to eat anyway?

3 Responses to “O’Soy, It’s Not Vegan”

  1. patientia says:

    I’m so sorry! It happened to me, too, with Valsoia yoghurts. They wrote it only on their website, and only in Italian (thought they have an English version). I know which beers are safe, but can’t check wine, balsamic vinegar etc. (there’s no list for brands available here, and producers usually don’t respond to the emails). Also, I have to take prescription drugs that contain animal ingredients and are almost certainly tested on animals.

  2. River says:

    Honestly? Some wines (I don’t drink Guinness for that very reasons, but I am terrible about wine. I know a few wines that are vegan and buy them for use at home, but when we’re out I’m less discriminating. Also, there are some products made on machinery used for other products which contain eggs and/or dairy. I figure on that ‘close enough’. Bread, when I’m eating out – I don’t always ask because I know they won’t have an answer. Not very vegan of me :(

  3. Erin says:

    Thanks, Patentia. Sorry to hear it happened to you too. When I’m at the not-so-local co-op, I like to stock up on the large containers of Silk Soy Yogurt. Seems to be safe and doesn’t even have carrageenan like some of their milks.

    River, I can be guilty of the ostrich head-in-the-sand trick too. Shhh… ;)

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