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Archive for June, 2010

Dr. Andrew Weil

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

It’s probably fair to say, if you’re at all interested in health and wellness, you’ve heard of Dr. Andrew Weil, a recognized leader in the field of integrative medicine. He’s written many popular books, including Spontaneous Healing and Eight Weeks To Optimum Health.

What you may be less familiar with, however, is his past studies and writings on the nature of consciousness and man’s long history of use of various entheogenic substances as a means to alter it. A new book entitled The Harvard Psychedelic Club describes Dr. Weil’s own use and simultaneous opposition to Timothy Leary’s brand of mass advocacy.

In 1995, “Mycologists Dr. Gustan Guzman, Fidel Tapia, and Paul Stamets honored Weil by naming a newly discovered mushroom Psilocybe weilii” (-Wikipedia and mentioned in the Q&A period of the below talk.)

While he may not be as involved as he used to be, it’s clear from his talk in San Jose, California this April, he is pleased with some recent advances, still as open as in his earlier writings, and restrained as ever in plotting the way forward.

Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century – Andrew Weil M.D.

Presented by MAPS – the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies in collaboration with the Heffter Research Institute, The Council on Spiritual Practices, and the Beckley Foundation.

Further Reading from Dr. Weil:

The Moral Ferocity of Eating Animals (guest article on The Huffington Post)

The Natural Mind, originally published in 1972 under the subtitle “An Investigation of Drugs and the Higher Consciousness” now as “A Revolutionary Approach to the Drug Problem.”

It’s Vegan, Not Boring

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Earlier this week, my aunt and uncle took me out to lunch at Cafe Indigo in Concord. This was the first time I’d been there during regular business hours rather than their bi-weekly Sunday brunches. And, more importantly, I believe it may have been the first time my aunt had eaten at a strictly vegan establishment period, though I may be wrong about that. Nevertheless, it was significant enough that she knew it would surprise my Dad, her brother, and was excited for me to break the news to him. :)

You could tell she was worried about liking it. Not to mention that everything reads like a foreign language to someone not used to the ingredients. So, she asked the waitress what someone who’s not a vegetarian would find tasty.

The final decision, a tempeh bacon lettuce tomato (TBLT) sandwich for her, and the french onion lentil soup of the day for my uncle. There was a lot of flavor in the TBLT, served on a homemade bun, and it was a hit. So too was the bite from my reuben made with seitan. My uncle also enjoyed his soup, though the homemade cornbread remained mostly untouched.

(Incidentally, I forgot to mention my Mom and I had Mother’s Day brunch there as well. Half-way through our meal the line practically extended out the door. Anyway, she had the cornbread pancakes and thought they were delicious.)

We finished the meal with a huge piece of chocolate cake, split between the three of us, and a happy waitress who admitted she had been worried too at the outset. ;)

A lovely afternoon with family — technically, a belated birthday present — which we capped off with some coffee at Borders Books. Thank you both for taking the plunge and sharing in some of “my” food with me. Glad you liked it!

If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

… Everyone would be vegetarian.” -Paul McCartney

Find out more at Meat.org.

Is he right?

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