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Archive for May, 2010

Food Entrepreneurs

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

My friend and I have recently been getting serious about starting a business that would actually deal with the selling of the food itself — good vegan stuff, of course! — versus, for example, a cookbook (which doesn’t mean I don’t have another in me).

That’s all I’ll say about it for now as we investigate the logistics. However, I can say we’ve tossed around everything from packaged foods, to catering, to food carts, to opening a restaurant or even a pub. Interestingly enough, going the franchise route didn’t even cross our minds. Too expensive and too many rules to really make it your own, I guess.

So anyway, in our never-ending quest for knowledge on the subject of food entrepreneurship, I’m curious whether any of my readers and/or their friends and family have stories to share? I hope so! Please, leave it in the comments or encourage someone you know to do so. If you’ve got a tale to tell, good or bad, lessons, advice, whatever, again, we want to hear it and I’m sure others will find them interesting too. Thanks. :)

Animal Cruelty in the War On Drugs

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

It’s not just people who are traumatized and brutalized in the senseless “war on drugs” in the US and abroad. This video has been rightfully making the rounds on the web of late as people have been shocked awake (once again) at what’s entailed in enforcing it.

What you’re seeing here is a no-knock raid executed and filmed by Columbia, Missouri police on a man they thought was a big-time dealer. Turns out, he only had a small, personal use quantity of pot in his possession. Meanwhile, the family pets, a little corgi and a caged pit bull took bullets, the latter dying from its wounds, while his seven-year-old and wife looked on.

The chief of police has vowed to change SWAT team and drug warrant procedures in the face of the ensuing outrage.

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