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Cafe Indigo

New Hampshire isn’t exactly known for its vegan fare. In the Northeast, that approbation probably goes to Massachusetts or Vermont. I don’t know. Nevertheless, if you look hard enough and listen well to the word-of-mouth, you can find a few little gems. One that shines particularly bright to my mind reflects that treasure hunt with its location, hidden away on the outskirts of Concord, NH in what feels like an office park.

My first introduction to Cafe Indigo was on the Sunday following a multi-day, state-wide power outage due to high winds. I’d spent the night at my friend Scott’s home and we met another buddy there for one of their twice-monthly brunches.

We were all duly impressed and Scott and I soon made plans to repeat the experience. Alas, our wires crossed a bit, so come Friday when I asked if we were still on, it was not to be. We rescheduled for the next one. Meanwhile, I’d worked myself up in anticipation and decided to go it alone.

I brought a chess magazine and just sat there enjoying some quiet time with a cup or two of coffee and a delicious meal. Somehow it felt apropos the issue I’d randomly chosen as reading material was focused that month on women in chess; this completely vegan bakery/diner is, after all, owned by three young female entrepreneurs!

Someday I’ll have to stop by during lunch, even if it is a little over an hour away. Here’s how the brunch works. First things first, of course, coffee. Organic choices, both with and without caffeine. From the menu you then pick a main dish. Last time I had the rancheros, this time the scramble (shown here half eaten).

tofu scramble, rosemary potatoes, vegan sausage, and pure maple syrup

While you wait, you have time to make a few “little of this, little of that” selections from the salad bar. Everything looks so amazing, you have to at least taste each one. (And yes, they live up the visual cues.)

sesame noodles, homemade hummus, bean salads, apple scone

Then, if you’ve left room — or more likely strategically had it before the main course arrived — there are desserts for which to live, including their famous vegan carrot cake. OMG! The chocolate cake was good too, but I was really looking forward to the even more moist chocolate cupcakes from my inaugural visit.

wheat free lasagne, chocolate cake, carrot cake

As before, I left stuffed. A “clean” fullness though. You know, the kind you feel only in your belly not in your arteries. ;) Highly recommended. Maybe I’ll see you there?

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