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North Carolina to NH

I’m back from my visit with family in North Carolina. Lots more pictures to show you, and even another recipe, but first a glimpse into the drive home.

I left at 5:30 AM and, according to my new GPS, I was due to arrive around 6:40 PM. Alas, with the recent snow storm in DC and Baltimore, the actual time was more like 9 PM.

Washington, DC

It wasn’t just the single lane, 25 MPH traffic that caused delays; there were also a few clean-up crews along the route, shutting down two out of three lanes in places and bringing things to a complete standstill.

Things eventually cleared up though, and it was smooth sailing from there on out…

George Washington Bridge?

And, it was sunny too, unlike on the way down, so I got some nice views of the skyline and river. (This picture doesn’t do it justice.)

The skyline from the bridge

What amazes me is all these photos were taken at speed, often just haphazardly pointing and clicking without looking through the finder! I’m pleasantly surprised. :)

A grueling 15+ hours on the body, but well worth it for the couple of weeks spent with family.

As it turns out, I enjoyed the car rides more than I thought I would too. I packed a bunch of raw veggies and hummus both ways and discovered some good radio stations along the way. Lastly, the TomTom was a life saver, taking away ALL the stress of navigation.

Stay tuned for more food pics and recipes.

3 Responses to “North Carolina to NH”

  1. Sounds like a great time with family! Nice pictures too. I’m originally from Northern VA and have spent a lot of time in DC. I’m glad I’m not there now with all that crazy snow LOL

    We used my stepson’s GPS one time while traveling and although I liked it, I was annoyed by the end with all the talking it did ha ha. I also can’t seem to concentrate while driving with that thing. But hubby says we should get one just in case I ever need it driving into the city or anything like that.

    Looking forward to more food pics!

  2. Wow amazing that you got such good shots with haphazard pointing and clicking. What kind of camera are you using?

    Isn’t it nice to have the freedom to enjoy family for extended periods of time. Glad you made it home safely too.

  3. Erin says:

    LaShae, I have the Canon Powershot A410. The thing I like most about it is it takes 2-AA batteries, so I don’t have to hunt around for those little tiny ones. :)

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