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Healthy Travel: Packing Tips

As you may know from the latest newsletter, I’m doing a little traveling, visiting family and making new friends. Yesterday was the first and longest leg of the trip. I’d planned to break it up, grab a hotel room, and take my time getting to North Carolina where my Dad and sister live. I must have been excited though because I powered through the entire 14 hour drive in one fell swoop! :)

I woke up at 5 AM and hit the road a little after 6 AM. Stopping only for bathroom and stretch breaks every few hours, I just kept driving and driving through torrential downpours* and aching limbs to arrive at my sister’s at 8 PM.

(*)Unfortunately, the NY skyline was obscured by clouds, but the rain finally let up in Baltimore and temperatures even reached a beautiful 67 °F in Virginia.

The morning stretch was fueled by some homemade high-protein, “peanut-butter, chocolate crunch fudge” and a little coffee (not too much though, lest stops be forced more frequently).

(Sorry about the fuzzy picture; I’m not used to the photo editing software on this laptop.) Per usual, this was an unmeasured, in-the-moment creation, but it was delicious, so I’ll be making it again. Next time, I’ll pay more attention and hope to post the recipe in a few weeks.

For the afternoon and evening, I opened up the gallon-sized ziploc bags I’d filled with washed carrots, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage (in large chunks to make for easy finger food), and a huge family-sized tub (supposedly 16 servings, hah!) of roasted red pepper hummus. Aside from the samples I snuck the day before, I ate the whole thing. Some raw veggies remain, however (I basically cleaned out the fridge, so there was plenty with which to scoop out that yummy sustenance).

For the hotel stays, I also packed some non-perishables. I don’t often buy canned veggies, but made an exception this time. All no-salt-added, including adzuki beans, green beans, sweet peas, spinach, potatoes, and tomatoes. And, of course, fruit (apples, bananas, and oranges) as well as some mix-mash trail mix (some cereals, nuts, and dried fruit I had kicking about).

This, my laundry basket, I’ll just keep in the trunk and bring in the next meal’s worth. Funny thing is, I remembered the hot top, but forget a pan. No biggie, all the canned goods are edible without heating, if I don’t pick one up somewhere.

Anyway, I hope these give you some ideas for your next trip. I find it a fun challenge packing for travel, living out of your car, and avoiding the high-priced, unhealthy fare that lines America’s highways. I seem to do it differently each time, depending on how much I want to deal with icing a cooler and budgetary constraints. It’s early yet, but so far so good…

That said, I’m at my sister’s now, so we’ll be doing a little dining out with her hubby and our Dad. Planning to bring the digital camera.

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