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New Year’s Day 2010

Well, it happened… I missed it. The clock swung swiftly, silently, past the midnight hour, and where was I? Some deep crevice in the soft, pink, tissue of my brain, fast asleep, probably dreaming in the night’s first REM sleep.

Alas, the alarm I’d set upon making the decision to “rest my eyes” for a bit, failed to go off. Or, perhaps, it did go off for a while, and I processed it as an air raid siren or a video game? Who knows? But, next thing I did know was the clock read 1:14 AM (or some such).

So, I “celebrated” on Mountain time this year, which just meant watching replays of the already toasted public gatherings and fireworks and ball droppings. Speaking of which, anyone know if they reached the anticipated million people mark in New York’s Times Square?

As for New Year’s Day itself, I was much more prepared, if still a little tired, as I set out for Mom’s. Inspired by the Kashi-black bean mix of Christmas, I opted for a more loaf like consistency by swapping in split peas instead of beans. The peas melted into a smooth, cohesive and flavorful filling for the gaps between the chewy grains, and it all firmed up beautifully in the fridge.

We spent a relaxing and carefree day, chatting, putting together a bit of assemble-it-yourself furniture, and playing pool with my step-dad. Lunch was skipped and dinner pushed up to 3:30′ish.

While the main course of the day’s traditional German meal is off limits, Mom kept some sauerkraut and potatoes out of the crockpot for me, and, naturally, the peas — representing wealth in the coming year — were never destined for the slow cooker. (Add to them, all the split peas in my loaf, and it should be a good year, right? ;) )

Was quitting smoking one of your New Year’s resolutions? Have you tried hypnosis?

2 Responses to “New Year’s Day 2010”

  1. Irit says:

    Happy 2010 Erin! and thanks for sharing another delicious meal (visually anyway)!- yum!!!!

  2. Wendy says:

    I would usually say to this – you didn’t miss much! But this year in the UK we had a lot of snow on news eve / day so as the bells were welcoming in the new year, half our street (young and old) had a mass snowball fight and snowman building contest that lasted till about 3am!
    Looking forward to a repeat next year and am plotting revenge on the guy who thought it would be funny to drop an icicle down my back ;)

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