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Vegan Thanksgiving: Bachelor Style

Rather a laid-back day today. I woke up, watched some of the World Chess Cup tiebreakers live on the internet, and did grocery shopping, all before breakfast (more like brunch). Spent more than I wanted, but got a great deal on a 1/2 peck bag of absolutely mammoth Macoun apples at only $0.59/lb!

Not long after brunch (a banana with almond butter), I baked an organic acorn squash — half for lunch and half for dinner, which I just finished — followed quickly by cranking up the oven temp to roast four halved brussels sprouts with onions and garlic. A liberal smear of tomato paste, a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, and a healthy shake of cinnamon (and cumin) on the squash, and I was good to go:

After snapping this pic, I also sprinkled a nice layer of nutritional yeast over the brussels sprouts and served it all up (or washed it down) with a vegan-friendly Sam Adams Winter Lager.

Dessert, you ask? One of those honkin’ apples, of course! :)

I hope your day was just as delicious and relaxing, whether with family and friends, or bachelor-style, like mine.

2 Responses to “Vegan Thanksgiving: Bachelor Style”

  1. Irit says:

    OH my gosh! NOTE TO SELF: come to your house next year for T-giving – that meal looks and sounds HEAVENLY! I LOVE brussel sprouts , love nutritional yeast and LOVE tomato paste (I put tomato sauce on just about everything!)

    YUM! when are you finally going to open up a restaurant???
    I’ll be the first to fly a cross the country to eat there!

  2. Erin says:

    You’re too cute, Irit. :) Thank you. I’m the same way with tomato paste and/or sauce… on everything! Maybe some day we’ll meet at a CR conference.

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