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Vegan Energy Bar Poll

So, I’m curious, dear reader: If you got to design your own vegan snack bar, energy bar, protein bar — whatever you want to call it! — which properties would be top of your list?

First a few quick multiple-choice questions before the essay. ;)

How often do you eat them?

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Would you eat them more if you could find the “right” one?

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What’s most important to you?

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And now, for the free-form questions to be answered in the comments. Which would be the runner-up? How about ingredients and flavors? Thanks! (I’ll add my preferences a little later. You first…)

6 Responses to “Vegan Energy Bar Poll”

  1. Rik says:

    My faves are the Vega bars, second place are Clif’s Builder Bars.

  2. Lala says:

    A combination of Good taste+high protein will be the perfect combination. Unfortunately it’s not so common to find. If you create one wth this attributes I promise I’ll be your best consumer!

  3. Mircea says:

    How often do you eat them? I voted often
    Would you eat them more if you could find the “right” one? voted Yes
    What’s most important to you? choosed High Fiber (lol can’t believe most would prefer the taste..)
    Taste isn’t that important in my opinion, as long as the bar is doing what is supposed to be doing (energy bar, fitness bar etc)
    Remember that you want to consume it because you need it not just because it has a sweet cherry flavour lol.

  4. Alfia says:

    I practically never eat bars – the healthy ones taste like chalk, and I do not want the unhealthy ones.
    Taste is important to me – the less it tastes like processed food, the more likely I will like it. And again, the more natural ingredients, the better. I would really like something like compressed freeze-dried berries – yum! :)

  5. Vegan Dave says:

    Heya – didn’t vote on #3, as you’re missing a vital item: carbs.

    If you’re talking about an ‘energy’ bar, carbs are the only thing that make sense.

    If you want a protein bar, that’s something different..

    A good energy bar would focus on carbs, and little else, as they generally inhibit absorption.

    All this is assuming, of course, the bar is marketed towards athletes who actually want energy (and not a stimulant, etc..)

    My personal choice that digests well and is high in carbs and not too many other ‘distractions’ are the Nature’s Path bars, generally the orange-chocolate or cherry. They taste great too! (Been mowing them down for a few years, still haven’t gotten bored..typically eat 3-6 a week.)

    I’d like to get away from wheat, but my stomach seems picky about particular types of fruit – dates and raisins don’t seem to agree if i’m picking up the intensity (ie, spending a lot of time on a ride/race over threshold..which is a lot when i’m in race season, which is pretty much Feb thru Nov.) These bars hold up well under those conditions for me, for what it’s worth.

    Peas out!

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