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Vegan Mofo III

It’s that time of year again, and I keep forgetting to take my digital camera with me! Argh. So many lovely fall colors

OK, I’m back. Had to put it by the door, so I stand a better chance of remembering next time I head out. I kid you not. :)

Aside from the changing leaves, October ushers in all manner of winter squashes and pumpkins, Vegetarian Awareness Month, and the third edition of the blogosphere’s Vegan Month of Food.

This year’s host blog with a big list of participants.

The idea is to post vegan foodie goodness all month long, preferably more frequently than usual. I’m not off to a very good start, eh? Thing is, unless I’m cooking for others — which apparently I haven’t had the opportunity to do much these days — my meals are very simple, if “weird.” (That’s my trademark, right?) ;)

For example, I’ll share one of my favorites. It’s finger food masquerading as dinner. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, it’s delicious and easy and I have it all the time.

You can probably name all the ingredients just by looking at it: 3 oz of tomato paste mixed with a little balsamic vinegar and water to a spreadable consistency, dash of liquid smoke, cumin, oregano, whatever. Zucchini and carrots cut in sections and halved, broccoli, and red cabbage (not pictured), all raw, serve as bases for the spread. Top with sliced onions, garlic, hots, and a liberal layer of nutritional yeast flakes (which I held off until after snapping this pic).

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