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Forced Pharmacology

In a recent post over at Natural News, Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger,” raised the alarm (or maybe I should say yet another alarm), this time over a recent bill making its way — so far successfully — through the Massachusetts state legislature.

It’s called the “Pandemic Response Bill” 2028, and describes the circumstances whereby flu vaccinations and quarantines could be mandated by government force, ostensibly in preparation for a potentially greater swine flu outbreak.

It always a little scary when lawmakers even hazard to consider such unConstitutional measures, but allow me to paint a little silver under that cloud… If it’s challenged and makes it to the US Supreme Court, there is some precedence in favor of the individual. I’m thinking specifically of Sell v. U.S., Case No. 02-5664, which I followed with interest some six years ago.

In that case, Dr. Sell, a dentist, was found incompetent to stand trial on Medicaid fraud charges. The prosecutor sought have him forcibly drugged with anti-psychotic medication to make him so. In the end, the Supreme Court ruled in the doctor’s favor, upholding his, in the words of Richard Glen Boire, Director of the Center for Cognitive Liberty & Ethics, “fundamental right of every American to control his or her own thought processes.”

What are your thoughts on this bill and similar altruism by force?

3 Responses to “Forced Pharmacology”

  1. Alison says:

    The government is trying (again) to overstep it’s bounds!
    I think you are right in your prediction of a Supreme Court outcome.

  2. Mark says:

    I think a lot of this is an interesting theoretical discussion-but what would you want done if 20% of people were dying from swine flu? I think there can be an argument for the greater good on some level in extraordinary circumstances.

    That being said, forcing anti psychotic meds on individuals is completely ridiculous on a daily basis. Prevention is a choice, not a requirement otherwise we shouldn’t have a few things, like the right to bear arms.

  3. graduate says:

    I don’t think your analogy is right. Although each person has the right to manage his or her own welfare, a flu is a different case. It’s not like cancer or injury. Flu is triggered by a virus. It can spread and infect the whole community. I guess, this factor should also be considered, don’t you agree?

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