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Eat To Live – Midway Point

I’m halfway through the Eat To Live Six Week Plan. As some have pointed out, it’s not really all that different from how I had been eating anyway. It’s just that I’d let some cravings take over and got sloppy about my calorie control.

I’m happy to say, this past week went very well…

An average calorie intake of 1850

Walking and working on the treadmill every day

No alcohol (3 weeks now)

Only 2 cups of coffee in the mornings

No grains (well, ok, a little corn on the cob)

No nut butters

And, lastly, lots and lots of beans/legumes!

The results of all this “effort?” (The quotes are because it’s not nearly as hard as you may think or as it may sound.)

Feeling great, BUT same weight.  I have to tell you:

;)  The plan for further improvements this week is to 1) add in more lifting with the free weights or get back on the Bowflex and 2) continue decreasing the mid-meal snacking — I’ve made some progress in this department, but could do better.

So, how are YOU doing?!

4 Responses to “Eat To Live – Midway Point”

  1. Erin says:

    BTW, without the nut butters, I’m back at the coveted 10% of calories from fat espoused by Dr. Esselstyn (though not necessarily Dr. Fuhrman).

  2. Charles says:

    Erin – interesting that your not losing weight. It doesn’t seem that you need to lose much. I have a good friend whose a physician and specializes in Age Management Medicine. He uses pharmaceuticals as the last line of defense preferring instead to focus on diet and exercise, particularly in his younger patients. He’s doing a full blood panel both before and after my 6 weeks to see where i’m at. So far I’ve dropped about 8 pounds (since august 1st) but again am less interested in weight then health and the notches on the belt buckle. I’m increasing my cardio each week on the theory that my body will adjust to the diminution in calories and therefore i’ll need more exercise to maintain weight lose. i’m also going to begin weight training next week, although i am a lot less excited by the gym than i am by rigorous outdoor sports. Anyway, i’m curious to see if anyone else is changing their lifestyle in these six weeks and if so how they are doing. also, do you plan on cutting out coffee all together at some point (i haven’t been able to just yet but have lowered consumption and replaced half and half with soy milk) cheers and keep it up and thanks for being one of the tours guides on teh journey to better health (and for me a thinner waistline)

  3. Charles says:

    Apparently eating better hasn’t improved my spelling or grammar. Sorry. Not very good for someone who used to work as a professional writer:)

  4. Erin says:

    You’re right, I don’t need to lose much (5-7 lbs would suffice). It is curious indeed. But, it was really more to reassert my willpower and stop a slide in the wrong direction that had me doing this in the first place.

    Coffee? Nah, I’m fine with the two cups. Besides, I’ve come to believe it may actually offer some health benefits, and I’ve always had it black. Here again, it’s just the control I was seeking.

    Glad things are going well for you. That’s great! I’m pleased too that you consider me part of your scouting crew along the vegan path. Thank you.

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