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Wait Weight – Wrong Way!

Say that title five times fast! ;)

I’ve been delaying an update on the first week of my Six Week Plan challenge results for a couple reasons:

  1. Disappointment
  2. New toy has not arrived

I’m disappointed because, despite not having a drink since Friday, the last day in July, no nut butters since Tuesday (when the opened jars were finally finished off), and a major reduction in coffee to two cups of black in the morning, I’ve actually gained 2.6 lbs from August first to today (Sunday, Aug 9th).

I hypothesize a few contributing factors.

  • The approximately 145 calories in a bottle of beer being replaced by real food. (See Alcohol Calories and Weight for some references suggesting they don’t count as much.)
  • Less exercise than I would’ve liked.
  • Still had some corn tortillas to clean out (just one a day, but still… now going grain-free for a while to test it).

Maybe it’s all the beans too, though I don’t want to lay any blame at their feet; legumes rule!

So, what’s this new toy for which I was holding off posting an update? Well, it shipped early in the week, so I expected it’d be here by Thursday. Still no show. I’m like a kid on Christmas eve. :)

Anyway, I got myself a treadmill laptop holder and was looking forward to doing my update from there. Next one will be. I’ll let you know how it goes!

The good news is, if you were to have asked me how it was going, without aid of a scale, I would’ve told you great. I feel slimmer and better. Weird. Now my body just has to get the message.

9 Responses to “Wait Weight – Wrong Way!”

  1. Erin says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I finished the remaining protein powder off by Wednesday, I believe it was. So, now it’s full steam ahead, with no more temptations in the house (‘cept I’ll keep the two cups of coffee, after all).

  2. Charles says:

    Wondered where you were….I started on the 1st and have dropped about 5 lbs, though not focusing on the weight as much as the fitness and health and of course disease prevention. Lots of tennis (4 hours yesterday) and Beach volleyball all week last week in Fort Lauderdale. I have a few questions for you or for anyone farmiliar with the E2L book. First, J.F. mentions three meals, no snacks, but also says eat as much as you want on the list of allowed foods. Does anyone graze, or just three meals. I’m grazing and don’t think i could do it if i didn’t eat every two hours. The other question is about protein. I work out and exercise a lot, so I’m a bit concerned about cutting out egg whites.

    Anyway, thanks for the web site, it’s great to be eating so well, and I have your web site (in part) to thank.

  3. Charles says:

    I meant blog not web site.

  4. Em says:

    Hi Erin,

    You gained as much as I lost..but really I didn\’t send my pounds up north with some incantation
    .I think you need to go by how you feel than by the number on the scale.You might have lost inches already.
    Thanks for the info about the alcohol. I am missing my beer. Dogfish,Leffe&aCzech beer I love….so the info rather tempted me.:-)BUT I am not indulging.

    I can\’t shake the coffee habit either. I rely on a couple of cups -since with teens in the house & a snoring husband…I rarely wake up bright eyed&.
    After I lose some or all of the weight I will try to harder to eliminate it.

    So hope you get your new toy soon! Also I know the number will go down OR maybe it is all muscle!

    Good luck this week!
    (sheesh I sure put in enough !!!!!!\’s in this comment!!!!!!!

  5. Erin says:

    Charles, I’m an inveterate grazer too. Dr. Fuhrman‘s plan would have us eating only three meals a day, so for this challenge, I’ve been trying to at least lengthen the period between snacks. Maybe by the end, it’ll be just the three meals. As for protein, have you read my free Top 10 Vegan Sources report? (Scroll down to the bottom of that page and enter your name and email to subscribe to the Vegan Done Light newsletter.)

    Em, you had me cracking up over the exclamations! Mmm… Dogfish Head. Nice when our vices are vindicated, eh? :)

  6. Charles says:

    Thanks Erin i’ll check out the TTVS. It’s been fun to scroll back through your previous posts and see what i’ve missed. What do you use for bread substitute? Is all bread including Ezekiel bread out (it appears to be all whole grain and no flour, sugar etc.). How about Pita? I hate to ask questions that may be in teh book or here on the blog, but i’ve been so busy I’ve just had time to get the basics and then try to catch up on all the other info as i go. Thanks for the help though.

  7. Erin says:

    Cooked starchy vegetables or bread or cereal are allowed in limited quantity (1 cup/day) per the yellow section in the PDF at the top of this post. He, of course, recommends whole grain, etc., so a slice of Ezekiel should be fine. You just have to decide (or discover, as the case may be) whether you can control any cravings it might engender.

  8. Charles says:

    One more dumb question….or more properly a clarification? I assume “eat not more than one serving per day” means of anything on the list, not of each category, or does it mean one serving from each category?

  9. Erin says:

    That’s in reference to the cooked starchy vegetables, etc.. The rest have their own serving parameters listed next to them. For example, when we’re talking about nuts and seeds, it’s an ounce max. By the way, he recommends eating them raw and unsalted.

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