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Diet Challenge Poll

One week until the big August Diet and Exercise Challenge! A week to get rid of (aka, EAT) the off-plan foods in the house. Always fun, but don’t go too crazy. ;)

We’re not talking anything atrocious here, but this is supposed to be a challenge, after all, and a sort of cleanse, without all the hocus pocus potions. So, I’m finishing up the Kashi Go Lean, the peanut butter, and the last of the rice protein powder.

While I haven’t decided exactly which “plan” I’ll be following, even if they allow them, I’ve decided on a no-powders rule. This includes concentrates, vitamins, etc.. I’m also using this week to taper off the coffee, so I don’t have to deal with a headache.

It was asked in the comments to the previous post whether and where I’d be updating. Yes, I will, and right here. Maybe twice a week? You’re all welcome to use the comments to mark your progress as well.

OK, so here’s that poll. Maybe you can influence my decision, but no matter, we don’t all have to be on the same challenge, just knowing that others are cleaning up their diets and exercise in a similarly aggressive manner should help keep us on track.

August 2009 Challenge

  • Eat To Live, Six Week Plan (75%, 9 Votes)
  • Green Smoothies Only (25%, 3 Votes)
  • 100% Raw, Whole Foods (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 12

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If you’re doing the six week plan, be sure to download this chart from the book. Post it on your fridge as a reminder, and if you don’t have Dr. Fuhrman’s book yet, it’s essential for clarifying the finer points and providing the motivation that comes with knowledge.

For those going the green smoothie route, my Green Smoothie Recipe Generator is a fun place to start. I’ve also got over two-weeks worth of recipes in the member’s area from when I did it last. Other collections include Kevin Gianni’s Ultimate Smoothie Recipes and Roger Haeske’s Savory Stews DVDs.

The 100% raw plan would seem to be easy-peasy, but a word of warning may be in order: Steer clear of the high fat dishes that are the usual fare. You know, all the ground nuts and seeds to make crackers, breads, pie shells, etc., and the coconuts and avocados. Oh my!

For a cleaner version of the raw food diet, there’s The 80/10/10 Diet. Some of the “natural hygiene” theories it espouses are a little over-the-top (same goes for The Live Food Factor, a massive tome I’m just getting to now). However, the food is good and certainly low-fat (10%)! Other resources include, Frederic Patenaude’s Low Fat Raw DVDs and Ann Wigmore’s Chi Diet.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone on their challenge of choice!

3 Responses to “Diet Challenge Poll”

  1. sharon mass says:

    I’m ready to join you, but I think I’ll lessen portions and go about 80% raw. I just can’t seem to go all the way yet.

    What is the time period and weight loss goal?

  2. Erin says:

    So far, it looks like a landslide for the six week plan, so that’ll be the time period for everyone following that one (Aug 1st to Sept 12). Weight loss goals are individual decisions. Personally, I’m shooting for 5 lbs.

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