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Poll: What’s Your Favorite Bean?

Excluding peanuts, …

What’s Your Favorite Legume?

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What? You say your favorite legume isn’t listed? Apparently, I lose this game of twenty questions. Please do tell. :)

Furthermore, what’s your favorite way to make them? Leave a comment with your mouth-watering preparation.

Remember my post about the
Global Seed Bank?
Maybe it’s better to have our own…

5 Responses to “Poll: What’s Your Favorite Bean?”

  1. Brivari says:

    Ahem… What are nowadaze called Anasazi beans. We called ‘em cow beans

    No soaking needed, from stone hard to done in the pressure cooker in about 2 hours.

  2. Courtney says:

    Mmmmm…butter/lima beans any way are so delicious! They get creamy and good and wonderful…yum!

    PS What is YOUR favorite bean, Erin??

  3. Erin says:

    Hmmm… Well, my vote was for black beans, but I’m clearly a fan of lima beans too, having recently finished a 20 lb bag. :)

  4. Single Maria says:

    Thanks for the post. As for me I like all these legumes. I am a big fan of it. I cant compare the soy legume with anything else. But unfortunately I cant taste it too often, I dont have such an opprtunity!!!

  5. Christina says:

    My favorite bean is actually the kidney bean. I really love them. Due to this my favorite food is Chili con Carne because you can use a lot of kidneys beans for this recipe.

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