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The “Best” Diet?

This video from a couple years ago recently made its way back to the fore (what an interesting, apparently, but not actually, oxymoronic, expression) over on the Eat-2-Live Yahoo! group when one of the list members stumbled upon this post on Mark Sutton’s blog.

It’s from the Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2006 and features John McDougall, Joel Fuhrman, and several other lime-light panel members including, Caldwell Esselstyn (the first and last of whom, incidentally, endorsed Vegan Done Light). :)

While the gentleman’s comment at the end was cute(-sy), my first reaction to it wasn’t a laugh, but rather a “What?! Are you kidding? Why cut short such a fascinating debate?”

It seems to me, once we have the gist of healthy eating down (i.e., whole, plant-based foods, consumed in moderation) it’s exactly this kind of discussion that helps us fine-tune our diets.

I want to hear what you think…

Is such a to-and-fro constructive and informative or does it detract from and/or confuse the overall message?

4 Responses to “The “Best” Diet?”

  1. This is good, Erin – thanks so much for unearthing it. It’s not really that these men are variance re what’s good to eat, but a concern for what their patients will accept. But can they appear to agree with each other? Nope. Not at all. Each has to defend his own. There’s room for all these plans, happily. Hugs to you.

  2. vegpedlr says:

    I think they are really saying much the same thing, but coming at it from different directions. McDougall advocates a starch base so that energy needs are met. The vegetables are part of the dish for nutrition and flavor. Fuhrman advocates vegetables first, then adding in appropriate amounts of starch commensurate to one’s energy needs. And while the debate seems a little intense, both men respect each other and support each other. McDougall has replied to this perceived animosity by commenting that “we’re on the same team!”

  3. Szenovera says:

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  4. Christina says:

    I like your blog too. Thank you for posting this interesting clip. I am of the opinion that it is always very difficult to say which is the best diet because it definitely depends on the person who is following a diet. At the moment I am following a liver cleanse detox. This helps my body to get rid of all the toxins and besides this I lose some weight.

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