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Archive for April, 2009

Gerson Therapy

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Forgive me reader, for I have “sinned.” It’s been over a week now since my last post. ;)

This past weekend, I watched an interesting new documentary on Netflix, via their online viewing feature. It was totally by accident, as I was just browsing to find some mindless entertainment to cap a busy day giving RawDoneLight a facelift.

So, it was fortuitous that I came upon The Beautiful Truth (clever title, given Al Gore’s film). It was interesting in more ways than one. First, the information itself. This was really the reason I kept watching. The main premise was about treating cancer thru nutrition and how it is that known carcinogens are allowed to continue to proliferate in our environment. Indeed, in our mouths! I’d heard about the mercury amalgam claims before, but my dentist, whom I trust, had always satisfactorily withstood my grilling, so I was skeptical. Well, I’m starting to return to the concerned category. The images of mercury vapors being released by just (vigorously) rubbing on a filled tooth were fascinating, if not entirely believable. And some of the comments from people in the FDA, etc., seemed rather condemning admissions as well.

The second interesting part of the movie was the narration. Of course, a narrator is not unusual in a documentary, of which I’m a rather avid viewer, but this one was. He’s the main character’s father, and he drifted between roles as proud family member and neutral third party in retelling the story of his son’s school project (ostensibly, the reason for the investigations). His use of the phrase “the boy” was especially odd. Probably just a regional colloquialism; it sounded weird to this New Englander.

Anyway, it all piqued my curiosity enough to check out the Gerson Institute’s site. The movie wasn’t specific, but it did mention juicing and eating organic, whole foods, so I wanted to see whether the diet was actually vegetarian. Indeed, it may even be vegan, according to this blurb found therein:

The Gerson diet is naturally high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, micro-nutrients, extremely low in sodium and fats, and rich in fluids.

The following is a typical daily diet for a Gerson patient on the full therapy regimen:

  • Thirteen glasses of fresh, raw carrot/apple and green-leaf juices prepared hourly from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

  • Three full vegetarian meals, freshly prepared from organically grown fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A typical meal will include salad, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, vegetable soup and juice.
  • Fresh fruit and fresh fruit dessert available at all hours for snacking, in addition to the regular diet.

Where it goes astray is in the supplements/medications. There you’ll find liver extracts, thyroid, and pancreatic enzymes. Oh, and coffee enemas. LOL.

So, overall, it was a heavily conspiracy theory-laden film, with strange narration, but some redeeming qualities and jumping off points for further inquiry. Their site also has a link to view The Gerson Miracle online, but I haven’t gone through the registration process yet. If you beat me to it, please leave a comment, and let me know what you thought.

Incidentally, this month marks the first of a controversial, three-part series on vegetarian supplementation in the newsletter. If you’re not yet a subscriber, this would be a great time to hop on board. After all, it’s free!

Easter Weekend

Monday, April 13th, 2009

I didn’t end up doing anything special over the Easter weekend (unless you count watching Bill Maher’s Religulous). However, I did have a nice visit with my Aunt and Uncle on Thursday. We shared the table with The Buddha. ;)

You may recall one of our previous lunches, similarly photographed. Then, the salad was mostly for me, while my Aunt and Uncle had some non-vegan stuff, including desserts. This time, the salad was the meal for everyone! Cool.

Let me see if I can remember everything that’s in there. Lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, red and green bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, green onions, and the big surprise…dried raspberries! Lastly, I drizzled mine with a thick balsamic. Very good.

After lunch, my Aunt and I commiserated about our pack-rat, cluttered ways, talked about life without a corporate paycheck, discussed veganism, and generally had a lovely afternoon atop the mountain. (Speaking of which, I once again failed to snap a pic of the view. Hmph.)

“DETOX MYTH #3: Detox is uncomfortable, painful and difficult to do.”
-The Raw Divas

Low-Fat Livin’

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Perhaps you’ve noticed a fair amount of talk lately of nuts and nut butters on my blog. Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, Erin, what gives? Thought you were Mr. Low-Fat.”

Busted! Indeed, my fat consumption has been, according to my nutrition software, averaging 15% of calories over the last quarter.

Blame it on a tough winter, reporting on the recalls, and the nut butter oil experiment (I know… call me a martyr. Ha!), but the fact remains, while low by AMA standards, it’s still higher than I’d prefer.

So, thank you for sticking with me. I really hope I wasn’t a bad influence. Don’t let me be your excuse! ;)

Anyway, it’s starting to feel like spring here. My winter pounds remain, my body fat percentage is up, and I feel better when I consume less fat, even the good kind. Therefore, I’m recommitting to 10% fat. Starting today.

The sun is shining. Life is good. :)

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