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Calorie Restriction on Oprah

What an exciting week it’s been for calorie restriction!

You know CR is hitting the mainstream when Oprah Winfrey covers it and resveratrol supplementation on her show. (These two life extension practices are often discussed in the same breath due to potentially similar mechanisms.) To learn more about what she and Dr. Oz had to say, check out this section on her website. I guess several of our CR Society members were featured, but alas, I no longer have cable and so will have to wait for the video archive.

The other highlight was The Immortality Institute’s (ImmInst.org) “Sunday Evening Update” on Ustream. This channel was new to me, but they’re always broadcasting fascinating presentations about biotechnology, etc.. Anyway, this Sunday, the members of the CR Society were invited to join the regulars to listen to a live interview with prominent researcher Dr. Luigi Fontana regarding his thoughts on the human applicability of the animal studies and what future studies have in store. You can watch the replay here.

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3 Responses to “Calorie Restriction on Oprah”

  1. Kelly Wilson says:

    I’m overweight. I watched Oprah and was interested as I liked what the man on the calorie restricted diet was eating. I thought, I could do this. The weight feels awful and I have struggled my entire life, so have my sisters, like we just can’t seem to get the pounds off. The only thing I worried about watching it was I don’t want girls who are not healthy in their heads, to think it is cool to be anorexic. Need to make sure the message is clearly, eating nutritiously, just not over doing it. This isn’t about starving yourself. I can see how to an impressionable teen with low self esteem they could confuse the message. Your thought?

  2. Erin says:

    Hi, Kelly. Absolutely, the food is good and enjoyment of it enhanced (for so many reasons). Regarding CR vs anorexia, there’s a good article about the differences on the CR Society’s website here. Also, I would think our calorie restriction role models — well-aged older adults — are not likely to be the ones with the most influence on teenage girls. :)

  3. Amy@ RezV says:

    Oprah is such a trend setter. She says the word “resveratrol” and millions flock to buy. I really wonder if it will honestly benefit anyone or if its the same crap that acai was.

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