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Peanut Butter Product Recalls

The steady stream of voluntary peanut butter-related product recalls continues unabated, including some foods my readers may have in their cupboards.

For example, Larabar Peanut Butter Cookie bars, Jamfrakas Peanut Butter Blisscrisp snack bars, and Nature’s Path Peanut Butter Optimum Energy Bars.


Whole Foods has also recalled several products, among them those delicious Dancing Stars’ Chunks of Energy Carob/Hawaiian Spirulina. :(

For a complete and searchable list and more details, the FDA has set up a special page devoted to the outbreak: What’s this Salmonella Typhimurium doing in my peanut butter?! (My cheeky title, not theirs.)

5 Responses to “Peanut Butter Product Recalls”

  1. Thanks so much for this information. Strangely, so many people are resistant to knowing that there is a danger with pb right now. *shrug* Dunno why. I’m trying to track down my fave pb and see what’s what with it – meantime, it’s not being touched! Hugs.

  2. brivari says:

    When this recall was first announced I sent off email to the So Delicious, Clifbar and Earthbalance people to find out if they were affected by the contaminated peanuts.

    Clif just sent me a robot generated link to the FDA showing that they added their stuff to the list.

    Earthbalance STILL has not responded despite two more emails. They just don’t seem to care about us and I’m rethinking my love of their products.

    Kudos to the people at Turtle Mountain that make vegan ice creams!! Within 2 minutes of emailing them I got a response from a real, live HUMAN instead of the more typical robot letting me know that their peanut containing products were safe.

  3. Michael says:

    Carob Chunks of energy info
    Folks, I am the creator and distributor of Chunks of energy, we took the following actions during the recall. We had the 4 flavors of Chunks of energy made with peanuts or peanut butter tested and the lab techician assured us that salmonella could not live in chunks of energy due to the low moisture content and he found NO Salmonella in the various test batches. Starting with production on February 9th, 2009 we removed peanut butter as an ingredient in Chunks of energy, no longer use Peanut Corp peanuts and are now sourcing peanuts from New Mexico. Reformulated Chunks of energy should be back in stores now or soon. Email me with any additional questions. Michael

  4. Erin says:

    Michael, Thanks for posting on my blog. It’s nice to meet you, and this is great news! Looking forward to trying some of the new recipe sans peanut butter.

  5. brivari says:

    Just thought I drop a note letting you know how [expletive deleted] the Earthbalance people have gotten. A few hours ago they FINALLY responded to my emailed request about the recall! Did they send me a note of apology for taking so long to reply? Nope! Just a link to the press release section of their website with a mis-dated article about their products being safe (it’s dated 1/21/09, but I checked in Feb. and it wasn’t there then).

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