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Inauguration: A Most Inspiring Lunch

There can hardly be a more uplifting and historic event in our lifetimes than the inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44th President of the United States of America.

What a lunch break!   I hope you all got a chance to watch.

Speaking of history, my Dad suggested I check out the HBO miniseries John Adams. I’m about halfway thru it, catching a little each night and weekend. You come away with a whole new appreciation of the risks our forebears took and the very real dangers they faced in seeking our independence.

Well, back to work…

Please share your thoughts on the occasion in the comments.

One Response to “Inauguration: A Most Inspiring Lunch”

  1. jh says:

    I sat in my car before going to work and listened to the speech. Although I thought he has given stronger ones, it was pretty great. What really got me though was this morning on the way to work NPR had news about all the bills and such he is passing today–closing Guantanamo, easing monetary restrictions on local clinics on the anniversary of Roe v Wade. And it really hit me–we are in a new era. The past eight years are over. I couldn’t stop grinning and I feel quite lovely and excited. He sure is hitting the ground running.

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