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Belated Happy New Year

I’ve been real busy lately between the newsletter, getting Patricia’s book published, and SHOVELING. It’s been worth it though…

Yesterday, I hit send on the New Year’s resolution edition of the newsletter. And, I’m already getting compliments. I also added a bonus Weight Loss Strategies report to the book download, available for free until the end of February. Pat didn’t know about that one.  

A Fight Night Dinner

Just a random comfort food shot from my digital camera. Consider it an ode to the back-breaking snow. It’s been falling non-stop today, and I’ve been out there several times already. Makes for good exercise though, so I don’t mind too much.

Oh, one more thing. I made the list. Well, a list anyway. I’m in the vegetarian section of Alisa Miller’s 100 Best Natural Wellness Blogs. Thanks, Alisa! It’s an honor.

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