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World Diabetes Day

In honor of World Diabetes Day, I’m releasing the very first issue of the Vegan Done Light newsletter as a short three-page report entitled Diabetes: Beyond Sugar.

Also, though not specifically about diabetes, I thought you might like this recent interview with Dr. Joel Fuhrman on Tampa Bay morning television. I know I always enjoy his no-nonsense manner of speaking.

Makes for a good reminder:

> Eat For Health <

Lastly, there’s, of course, raw foods, which have been making a splash on the diabetes scene with documentaries like Simply Raw (once titled Raw For 30 Days) and books such as Gabriel Cousen, M.D.’s audaciously-titled tome There Is A Cure For Diabetes.

One Response to “World Diabetes Day”

  1. John Male says:

    Diabetes is actually easy to avoid. But the main cause is different than what we think it is.
    Yes, the most common belief is that people should simply eat less sugars. But what most of us are missing is that people need to eat sugar not because it’s tasty, but because we are under stress. If we didn’t have any stress in our lives, we wouldn’t associate simple carbs with pleasure.

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