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Irradiated Lettuce

As you probably know by now, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially enacted its strategy to “protect” the green leafy food supply, specifically lettuce and spinach, from pathogens via irradiation. You would’ve thought that would be the purview of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Irradiation: A Safe Measure for Safer Iceberg Lettuce and Spinach

Lovely. <sarcasm>

One good thing though, according to that little document, is participation is not a requirement. Companies will get to choose. However, labeling is required.

The symbol for which you should be on the lookout is the international sign for irradiation, known as the radura:

I’ve got a better symbol for you. My Dad created this design. :)

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One Response to “Irradiated Lettuce”

  1. Yeah, I can’t believe that crap. Talk about scary. I’m looking into growing my own greens, but I don’t have much to work with on my apartment balcony! How ridiculous is that logo. However, I would expect nothing less.

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