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Raw Vegan Protein: Sun Warrior Review

I recently had the privilege of trying samples of a new raw vegan protein powder shortly before it was made available to the public. This stuff is awesome!

While I usually take my protein powders unflavored to keep the calories as low as possible, the samples were chocolate and vanilla. They were delicious treats, and since only sweetened with stevia, the calories aren’t that much higher anyway. In the future, I’ll get the natural, but I’m glad I got to try these, since I probably would’ve passed them by otherwise.

Compared to some other rice protein powders, it mixed extremely well with just a spoon. I enjoyed mine in a warm beverage, like tea or Dandy Blend or (shhh…) the cup of coffee I allow myself each day.

As for the cost, it’s significantly more expensive than standard high-heat processed vegetable proteins, but if raw is what you want, raw is what they deliver. We’re talking sprouted rice that’s never been heated above 90 °F!

They also make some impressive claims about the amino acid profile and digestibility. I’m not sure where the 85% came from, as my math gave either 76% using grams or 91% by calories. Anyone??

My suggestion—the one I’ll be following—is to take them up on their bulk order deal to avoid shipping charges, which at 2.2 lbs per container could be quite the savings.

11 Responses to “Raw Vegan Protein: Sun Warrior Review”

  1. Courtney says:

    Even at 2.2 lbs, $50 seems like a lot of money! I can get 2.2 lbs of pea protein powder for around $19 (about $23 with shipping). I was excited to see your post, but really disappointed when I followed the link to the prices :o (


  2. Alban says:

    At these prices only the rich can be healthy, and this goes for most health foods and supplements.

  3. Erin says:

    I agree with you both; it is rather a bummer! Imagine how I felt, actually having tried and enjoyed it, only to discover the price. While it definitely cannot serve as my staple protein supplementation, I can see using it as a treat. In the meantime, my regulars remain pea protein and NOW Foods rice protein. I also take a little hemp protein every morning, but it’s really more of a fat source than a protein source, to my mind. (Incidentally, in the case of the pea protein, the one I chose is a little more expensive than others out there, but it’s by far the lowest in sodium.)

  4. Courtney says:


    What pea protein powder do you use, just out of curiosity? I have one that I like, but it is a pain to get–I would love a recommendation!


  5. Courtney says:

    Never mind! I just clicked on your link. Thanks!


  6. Lori says:

    Those other products aren’t raw or organic though. That’s why the price difference.

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  8. Tim says:

    I really like this powder. Have been using it for a few months. Tastes very good. Keep in mind the difference with this is the quality-its raw, organic, vegan.

  9. Ian says:

    Sun warrior definitely has a great product, but as others have mentioned, it’s prohibitively expensive. For a cheaper alternative, I’d recommend Nutribiotic’s rice protein; you can get a 3 lb container from vitacost for $20 plus shipping.

  10. Erin says:

    True, although I believe the alternative I gave from NOW Foods is even less expensive and higher quality than Nutribiotics. Unfortunately, Vitacost doesn’t carry any NOW Foods products (a good company with humble, inspiring beginnings), despite repeated pleas that they do so.

  11. Taylor says:

    I greatly recommend Nutiva’s Hemp Oil. The Hemp Oil is the most natural source of Omega 3&6 acids, and is the type of nutritional most completely absorbed by the body. It has been a habit for me to mix this with fruit smoothies during breakfast and this have helpe me increase my energy for work out.

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