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Kitchen Sink

I may be good in the kitchen when it comes to creating new recipes, but one thing I’m not is a handyman. So, it was to be a long and frustrating weekend as I attempted to replace my leaky and worn, double-basin sink. Someone with any amount of skill—unless it’s as little as I possess—could finish the job in under two hours. It took me two days.  

Everyone raves about stainless steel, but I found it to be anything but (stainless, that is). I went with a white acrylic this time. I’m hoping it’ll be easier to clean and maintain. Also, it’s lightweight, so my counters won’t complain.

I started in on Saturday after the morning dump run, grocery shopping, and lunch. Removing the old one was simple enough. Time-consuming and back-breaking, but not difficult. All the cleaners, garbage bags, etc., stored underneath got strewn about the kitchen floor to give me access to the attachments and supports. Then a little jostling from the top, and finally she was out of there. I was proud of myself and rearing to go. Off to Home Depot!

In lieu of an embarrassing picture of the old sink.

There I had my first good experience with customer support from a gentleman who was a professional plumber prior to his current position. He made everything sound so easy, even pulling out pieces from boxes to show me what to expect.

Unfortunately, once home, the only thing that went relatively smoothly was hooking up the faucet (a Moen), sprayer, and drains. Then I lowered it in place with some caulking. It seems to fit OK, though I’d prefer the hole to have been a little smaller to give the edges more of a lip to rest on.

Now all that remained was to hook up the PVC plumbing. That’s where things took a turn for the worse. Nothing fit! Threaded pieces were meeting threaded pieces, the drain catches were too big, etc., etc.. Frustrated, I washed my produce in the bathroom, had dinner, and went to bed, knowing another trip into Home Depot awaited me the next day. While my Mom and step-dad think an hour in HD is fun, I certainly don’t. :)

Today, I got back in time to catch the expert before his lunch break. He seemed exasperated that I hadn’t told him about the dishwasher line, and some other details. <shrug> I didn’t know what was important to mention the first time around. He demonstrated how the connectors I had did indeed fit the drain catches, and I left with different parts after having returned some others.

Back home, I got that part and started hacking away at some PVC pipes that needed trimming. I have a jigsaw around here somewhere, but heck if I could find it, so hacksaw it was. Fun, fun. Eventually, everything was in place, the water hooked up and turned on, and it was time for a test run.

D’oh! Same leak as before. Now, I knew why though. The standard size pipe going from the t-connector to the right basin was too short. And no, this wasn’t one of those I just cut.  

A final trip into Home Depot (#4) was required. A few different possible extenders in hand, and another hacksaw hack, and things are now working. I’ll dab some more caulk around the edges before I go to bed, as I can see some spots that didn’t quite fill.

The little extender that made all the difference.

By the way, New Hampshire is experiencing its first heatwave of the season, so it was a sweaty ordeal. Let me tell you, there are certainly better ways to spend your weekend; I got nothing else done and spent $230+. Yet, I’m left with a sense of accomplishment and am ready to kick back and watch the Celtics. They better win. ;)

Pretty, heh?

Notice the digital thermometer reads 85 Fahrenheit at 4:34 PM.

Any guesses as to that contraption on the right-hand side of the windowsill?

15 Responses to “Kitchen Sink”

  1. caroline says:

    colloidal silver generator!!!
    congrats on your sink endeavor – it always feels so good to do something handy all by yourself!

  2. Erin says:

    Thanks, Caroline. It does feel pretty good. :)

    Is that what they look like? I’ve never seen colloidal silver generator. Wouldn’t touch the stuff myself.

  3. Moen Online says:

    I’m glad to hear that you got your problem solved, and especially glad that the Moen faucet installation went smoothly at least! If you ever need customer support for the faucet, you can find all sorts of resources here:


  4. Erin says:

    Cool to get a comment from Moen! Thanks.

    Top Brands!..Same Day Shipping*!!!

  5. Cheap Kithcen Faucets says:

    I agree stainless tell is an oxymoron , the faucte you got there is very nice , good job

  6. Anya Cook says:

    Ok – I am feeling inspired now – gonna plan and install my own twin sink


  7. Ryan says:

    Must read once again before making my kitchen!

  8. Custom Logo says:

    thanks for these tips on how to build a kitchen sink. it’s necessary to know to prevent leakage and other problems as well.

  9. Anabelle says:

    As a single woman i find this article so useful!

  10. Plaxen says:

    ahh… plumbers will hate this post.. lol

  11. syria says:

    lol yeah as plaxen said i think ur killing plumbers job but thanks for thank info and next time ill try to do that work myself to see

  12. chef says:

    Nice job man ! Can you pay me a working visit next weekend? Plumbing always humiliates me.

  13. abyss says:

    A job well done. It is really a beauty. Are you going to dump dirty dishes in it? ;)

  14. Petriks says:

    Great Post….This is inspiring and motivational.Really Great. :( Thanks,

  15. A Plumber in Kitchener says:

    I am glad you installed it yourself without destroying half of your kitchen !

    Seriously, I am impressed Moen is helping peiople on Blogs.
    To help people around, here is a glossary for plumbiing terms : http://www.hypro-drains.com/glossary.php.

    Keep your good work, you are doing well.

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