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Green Smoothie Central

As promised, now that my blog is on a more professional host and I’ve time to come up for air, I’m ready to make my big announcement. I’m really excited about this and put in a lot of sleepless nights and weekends, installing and fighting software, crunching the nutritional numbers, etc..

As you know, there’s a lot of buzz these days about green smoothies. Even Oprah has whipped up a blenderful or two on her show. In fact, she’s currently trying a 21-day vegan challenge! It seems all my dietary modifications started with time-bounded experiments that continued past their fourth-dimensional boxes. Let’s hope it does the same for her and her fans.

My latest personal “challenge” (the quotes because it wasn’t challenging at all) was a couple weeks on a self-designed liquid raw healing protocol. Green smoothies were front and center. While there’s nothing new under the sun, I purposely avoided reading raw food books or searching the web for ideas during this period, in order to at least attempt creating just that.

I expected to emerge with twenty-one new raw blender recipes. Instead, I was having too much fun. With the habit firmly entrenched, I just kept going. Now, a smoothie a day is back in my repertoire. Back? Indeed. Funny thing is, before I went vegan, a yogurt smoothie was my breakfast of choice.

Toss the yogurt and replace with a tossed salad and you’ve got something closer to what I enjoy today. Ultimately, I stopped compiling the recipes at just over 50. After all, I’d told everyone they were on the way. And now, they’re here! Better yet, I set about creating a community forum where members can share their own creations, modifications, and in general just get to know each other.

Check it all out at… :)

Green Smoothie Central

p.s. – My chessblog is live.

2 Responses to “Green Smoothie Central”

  1. Mike J says:

    Very cool!


  2. Erin says:

    Thanks, Mike. It’s great to be back up and running! And it feels good to have created Green Smoothie Central. Now, I just need help getting the word out about its existence. I put a couple ways folks can do that at the bottom of the homepage, namely, the bookmark button and tell-a-friend feature. And my fellow bloggers and website owners can help by putting up a link. Really hoping to make it a thriving community of green smoothie fanatics. :)

    By the way, did you see the nifty new comment notification checkbox? That plugin didn’t used to work in the old version of WordPress, but now that I’ve upgraded to the latest and greatest… tadah! I know when I’m commenting on blogs, it’s really helpful to get email notices when someone responds to the same post.

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