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Albert Hofmann, Rest In Peace

As one of the main goals of Calorie Restriction is longevity, it feels right to honor here the memory of a historically significant man, who made it to 102. I don’t know what his dietary habits were, but to say he lived a rich and full life, with vigor to the end, would be an understatement.

Albert Hofmann in 1993, photo by Philip H. Bailey

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Speaking of centenarians, in case you were wondering, the current record for the longest-lived CRS member belongs to Ralph Cornell, who died last year at 104 years of age.

One Response to “Albert Hofmann, Rest In Peace”

  1. Melissa says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m in shock. I found out about him probably four or five years ago when I did some heavy research about LSD. Through my research I found out we shared the same birth date! This is a huge shock. I always admired him and how, even when he turned 100, he was such a vibrant, overflowing person.

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