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Archive for March, 2008

Earth Hour 2008

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Ever feel you’re too small to make a difference when it comes to the environment? You’re not!

  • Not when you participate,
  • not when you spread the word,
  • not when you lobby your legislature,
  • not when you vote,
  • not when you eat vegan! :)
  • You can, no, you DO make a difference.

    Speaking of global warming, with the new snow of the last two days in New Hampshire, we’ve reached the second spot in all-time snow totals for our state. The top honors go to the winter of 1873/4. That’s 134 years ago!

    Global Seed Bank

    Monday, March 24th, 2008

    Did you catch the 60 Minutes story last night on the new seed bank that’s been constructed in the Arctic? The so-called Doomsday Vault.

    What a brilliant—and sadly, necessary—idea. Let’s hope they’re smart enough not to save any of those damn “Terminator” seeds. Not much longevity there!

    If you missed it, you can read more from CBS News or Yahoo News.

    Theoretically, you should be able to view a video of the segment, either direct from CBS or at AOL. I didn’t have much luck getting either to start though. Could be a Firefox incompatibility. <shrug> Let me know if they work for you.

    One of the experts interviewed gave some staggering statistics of how many varieties of common food crops, like apples and wheat, have been forced into extinction through mono-culture, etc..

    While there are, of course, other seed banks already, this one claims to be more resilient to global catastrophe. It certainly looked impressive. Who knows?

    Great American Meatout 2008

    Thursday, March 20th, 2008

    It’s the First Day Of Spring and, of course, New England’s getting hit with more snow. :)

    Today is also Meatout 2008. What a great opportunity to introduce a friend or family member to veganism with a little 24-hour challenge! Take them out to a nice veg-friendly restaurant or, better yet, have them over for a meal of your own crafting.

    For a ton of resources, including a free vegetarian starter kit, and recipes, like Sir Paul McCartney’s “Ob-La-Di” Enchiladas, click below.

    Speaking of the Beatles, this weekend I watched Across The Universe. OMG! Talk about gorgeous (and outrageous) cinematography. The way they matched the songs to the story was flawless too. My emotions were pulled in all directions.

    It’s been a while since I’ve actually sat through a whole movie in a single viewing. I usually end up watching in bits and pieces, more as a background to making dinner or reading email, etc.. But this one was enthralling. Have you seen it?

    St. Patrick’s Day

    Monday, March 17th, 2008

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone! May you find your lucky four-leaf clover, whether actual or metaphorical.

    So, it seems to me, it’s a good day to reveal the mystery green from a couple posts ago. Agreed? Well, here it is. Drumroll, please…


    These tasty beauties are listed among the World’s Healthiest Foods. And, it’s no wonder; check out those nutrient values and bennies!

    It’s a shame they’re so rare in my neck of the woods. I do my grocery shopping at Hannaford, which is gaining a nice reputation for their produce department and in-house organic line. So, it actually kind of surprises me that such is the case.

    Inspired by the season, I devoted this month’s Vegan Done Light newsletter to the amazing power greens can have in your life.   :)


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