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Football: Don’t Double Dip

This just in. We now have a study that proves the squeamish right: Double-dipping, described by Wikipedia as “the unsanitary practice of placing partially-eaten food back into a communal bowl,” does indeed transfer bacteria from one eater to another.

Hey, even the New York Times found this one newsworthy. :)

So, definitely veganize those dips, make some hummus and salsa for the big game tomorrow, but don’t double dip.  

Speaking of veganism and football, it’s not just for the couch potatoes watching the action, the players are getting it too. I previously wrote of Mac Danzig. I think it’s awesome to see main-stream, muscle-bound, athletes joining the ranks.

Update on the February Challenge: Day 1 ended with a minor headache that extended into this morning. No migraine yet <knocking on wood>, but damn am I tired. Glad I started on the weekend, as a couple naps were in order.

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