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New Year’s Resolutions

I haven’t quite decided what I think of New Year’s resolutions. For one, we probably should be setting and checking back in with at least some of our shorter term goals on a more regular basis. And secondly, they’ve become something of a joke for so many. We set them knowing full-well many will soon be abandoned. Or at least expecting as much.

Why is that? And why do so many of us bother anyway?
My theory—still in its infancy—is the answer is one and the same:

It’s the time of year.

It’s natural to treat the turning of the calendar as a fresh start. This is a good thing, and points to the reason for our repeated attempts year in and year out. On the other hand, and this applies mostly to the infamous weight loss and “eat better” resolutions, starting so soon on the heals of extended holiday celebrations, it’s easy to become discouraged by straggler gatherings we continue to attend throughout the month of January.

Maybe that’s the solution!? I wonder if setting New Year’s resolutions to begin on February 1st instead would help the situation. That is, would help us to keep them. I don’t know; just thinking aloud here. What do you think?

For those with every intention of keeping their resolutions and starting them on the 1st, here’s to you and your success! I hope you’ll share them on the blog and maybe even with a wider audience:

10 Million Resolutions

The videos in the “countdown” section are a riot!  

Also, in planning your goals, remember to keep them SMART, as in the acronym first described by Paul Meyer, co-author of several in Jack Canfield‘s famed Chicken Soup For The Soul series, and most recently of Know Can Do:

  • S pecific
  • M easurable
  • A chievable
  • R elevant
  • T imely

There are quite a few resources on the internet to help with goal-setting. For example, this ebook on SMART goals. But really, what more is there to say than to spell out the acronym? Seems kind of self-explanatory to me. On the other hand, something like this goal-setting software could actually be useful. <shrug>

Again, whatever your aspirations and dreams for the New Year, I hope you accomplish them. And, remember this post, if January trips you up, and join me on the 1st of February.  

2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. Mike J. says:

    Yes, Feb. 1st it is.

    How revolutionary!

    Mike J :)

  2. Courtney says:

    I am a health coach and we use SMART goals with our participants/clients too! And yes, it is pretty self-explanatory…they acronym says it all!

    I wish you luck in the coming year!


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