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Raw Almonds

Two big snowstorms just a few days apart. And it’s not even officially winter yet! I stocked up on groceries earlier this weekend, so I was ready. It’s kind of fun, like a forced day off. No guilt for not running errands. :)

Here’s how I spent the day. (We’ll get to the title eventually.)

I woke up bright and early, but the snow had started in “wee’er” hours. It was still coming down heavy as I flipped open the laptop to watch some live chess. My man, American GM Kamsky, drew the final game in his mini-match against Shirov (Mr. “Fire On Board” himself) to win the World Cup, an important step along the road to the next World Chess Championship.

Next up some exercise: a workout on the Bowflex, followed by breakfast, then a headstart on shoveling. There’s more waiting for me tomorrow morning, but getting a little bit done before the driveway’s plowed makes it so I don’t have to throw it as far.

Feeling accomplished, I watched the rest of the Hairspray remake I had started the day before, read some email, and generally just slothed. After a lunch of mushroom soup with a glass of merlot, it was back to goofing around online.

Here’s where we reconnect with the title of the post. That’s because, with more chess out of the way, a funny double entendre flashed across my synapses, and I found myself designing a couple t-shirts.

On September 1st of this year, the FDA issued a ruling, against overwhelming public outcry, to regulate pasteurization of almonds. The reason was ostensibly a reaction (isn’t so much of government paternalism just that–a reaction?) to a slew of recalls back in 2001 and 2004. So, OK, not a very quick reaction, but…

What’s worse though is they still allow these pasteurized almonds to be designated “raw.” Clearly, a misleading label. To me, the most important issue in so many food fights like this, is that we as consumers need accurate and readily-available data. Whether that’s trust in the “organic” certifications or disclosure of trans fats in reasonable serving sizes or nutrition information on restaurant menus. Just think, the UK has a VEGAN stamp, making it easy to tell at a glance whether it’s hunky-dory, versus needing to meticulously analyze the ingredients list.

For more on the raw almond controversy and what you might do about it, check out NewsTarget, where they’ve been tracking it from day one.

So, you want to see those shirts?


Wouldn’t it be a kick to wear one of these at a political event as you question the candidate on how they’ll protect label integrity and keep raw options on the table?!

To finish the day, I’m watching the Survivor Finale and Reunion show as I type this. As long as you don’t lose power, which happens far too often in my neck of the woods, snow days are great! Even (especially?) as an adult.

BTW, there are still ways to get truly raw almonds. For example, here.

2 Responses to “Raw Almonds”

  1. Alison M says:

    I wouldn’t go to the political event WITHOUT one of those shirts!
    (And I would definately question the candidate about the nuts!)

  2. Erin says:

    Thanks, Alison! :)

    I should’ve mentioned you too can be the proud wearer of one of these shirts by clicking on them. There you’ll also find tote bags and baseball caps and such (like a cute little teddy bear sporting his own mini apparel). Have fun!

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