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Protein, Calcium, and Iron: Vegan Sources

Ask any vegan, what’s the first question they always hear from concerned friends and family regarding their diet. They’ll tell you, it’s the perennial, “Where do you get your protein?”

And the second-most common? It has to be, “What about calcium?”  

Am I right? Seems people just have a hard time fathoming that we can actually get enough protein and calcium from anything other than an animal source.

To help answer these common queries, I put together a few Top Ten Lists (made one for iron too):

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(This just in. You may recall, during the summer, I blogged about Jeff Novick’s outstanding presentation at the VegSource conference and encouraged everyone to have their loved one’s watch before it was to be taken down. Well, a couple bits of good news: 1) that link may still work, and 2) He recently joined the staff at the McDougall Center.)

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