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Going Raw For Thanksgiving?

Several weeks in the kitchen and the whole weekend spent putting it all down in pixels and I can happily announce the release of my first raw food recipe book! :)

You can find it over on my sister site Raw Done Light. There’s an “early-bird” special going on right now while I work on the affiliate materials.

Well, that’s it. Just wanted to share. I’m keeping this one short because I’m exhausted. So much for that extra hour of sleep we were supposed to get!

Oh yeah, Saturday would have been spent competing at chess, if I hadn’t blown my first-round game in the morning. I built up a better position, but then had a total mental lapse and blundered into mate. :(

8 Responses to “Going Raw For Thanksgiving?”

  1. Mike J says:

    Congrats on the book! :)

  2. Erin says:

    Thanks, Mike. Hey, did you ever start up that blog you said you might? How goes your CRON?

  3. Cory says:

    This website is quite interesting to me. I am currently exploring the world of vegan. I do still occasionally eat meat as of right now, but I never eat it out. I do not consume dairy either (except the occasional cheese). This is interesting and I will back again.

  4. Mike J says:

    Alas, no… I haven’t mustered up the energy to start my blog.

    And, for good reason, as my CRON adventure is lacking a bit these days with regards to both the “CR” and the “ON”.

    On a more positive note, I do still read a number of the blogs, and they are indeed motivating.

    I simply need to flip the switch.

    My plan is to go “almost” vegan, with my one daily, lacto indulgence being some organic yogurt. The rest being grains, legumes, veggies and fruit.

    Baby steps towards raw for me. :)

    I’ll keep ya posted…

  5. keda says:

    i purchaed your new book (congrats) but am not able to download it. Something to do with a password. What am i doing wrong?


  6. Erin says:

    Keda, Unfortunately, you are not the first to report this. I have a support ticket in with the company that services the download area. I’ll get back to you via email as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

  7. Erin says:

    Things appear to be working again. After providing alternatives for those who had download issues, I’ve been continually testing it and trying to get support’s attention. Alas, they never told me it was fixed, but this morning, I no longer had problems. So, head on over and check it out! :)

  8. keda says:


    thank you so much for so quickly resolving the issue. i wish all support was so quick, painless and cheerful! i’ve looked to my book and can’t wait to try out all the wonderful recipes. thanks again!!


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