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World Go Vegan Days

If you’re a regular here, you know October is Vegetarian Awareness Month. And, if we think of veganism as a further step along the path, it only seems appropriate that it should end with a string of three days known collectively as World Go Vegan Days.

World GO VEGAN Days Oct 27-29

The campaign is run by In Defense of Animals (IDA). Their website offers up a good number of resources and activity suggestions. They even have a free 32-page Vegan Starter Kit.

I will warn you, however, pages 4-13 are rather graphic! So, if you’re already convinced of the advisability of the vegan lifestyle, after you read the introductory content, you might want to just skip over to the fourteenth page, where things start to cheer up. :)

[On that happier note, remember to stock up on FairTrade treats for the kiddos this Halloween.]

2 Responses to “World Go Vegan Days”

  1. River says:

    You say: ‘On that happier note, remember to stock up on FairTrade treats for the kiddos this Halloween’.

    And I might add that means also for ourselves – Fair Trade, that is, not necessarily Hallowe’en treats :) And THAT means Watch Out For Chocolate! And Cocoa. And Coffee. And oh hey, that means we just have to Watch Out! (What an appropriate warning just before Hallowe’en!!! heh heh heh) What a shocking world we live in, eh!
    If it isn’t enslaved and tortured non-human animals it’s enslaved and tortured humans – all in the interests of providing some tasty little nibble of this or that which we don’t really need!

    Having uttered the witch’s warning and cast a shadow on any enjoyment this weekend (wretched woman that I am), I shall leave you with Happy Hallowe’en, if you celebrate or enjoy it, my love and some virtual hugs! :)

  2. Erin says:

    Absolutely. FairTrade cocoa and coffee all the way! And, as you say, certainly not just for the kids, nor just at Halloween. ;)

    The autumn season has the best festivities. Thanksgiving’s another favorite with me. But, that probably doesn’t come as a shock, being centered around food and sharing as it is.

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