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Kasparov Makes the Rounds

While you could argue competitive chess puts excessive strain on a player, there’s no doubt the game Gary Kasparov is now waging is far more dangerous…

Kasparov, World Chess Champion for a whopping 15 years from 1985-2000, has put himself in the precarious position of fighting for Democracy in Russia. He does so despite fully understanding the risk. For his courage, he should be applauded, and we wish him well.

As you know from my reading list on the right, I had the opportunity of reviewing a copy of his new book pre-release. I found it quite an interesting read. Although the connections between chess and life are, at times, tenuous, to get a view of the way such a great mind goes about problem-solving was itself thought-provoking.

Recently, he made the rounds on several U.S. news programs to promote his mainstream offering (he has authored many books on his games and those of his predecessors, which really only appeal to hardcore chess enthusiasts).

In the process, he has become something of a go-to guy for our media when they want an inside, no-holds-barred, perspective on Russian politics.

HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher:

After this interview, Chris Matthews of MSNBC, who expressed deep admiration for Kasparov’s intellect and honesty at the end of the clip, invited him onto Hardball. Unfortunately, I don’t have that one for you.

CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer:

Before both of these, he also appeared on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. Appropriately enough, it was the same episode wherein Stephen announced his bid for the US Presidency. I was going to present it here as well, but frankly it’s not worth it; too short and that’s even if Colbert had let him get a word in edgewise.

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