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Archive for September, 2007

New England Open Sunday Swiss

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Yesterday, I competed in a one-day tournament of three games at G/60. And, I won, 3-0! :) There was definitely a fair amount of luck involved, but that’s to be expected at these faster time controls.

Here’s a critical position from my last round win over the top seed.

I am Black here and have just pushed my pawn forward to e4, attacking his knight. My opponent moved the knight out of danger with Nd4?? How was this move punished?

A most enjoyable day. I like these three rounders. They’re just the right amount of chess to satisfy the competitive craving, and you get home at a decent hour. Four in a day can run kind of late for this homebody!

This chess moment brought to you by watermelon: powering brains everywhere with its healthy sugar. 8 ounces per game. Well, that and copious infusions of fair-trade coffee.

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