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Archive for September, 2007

Does This Make Me Famous?

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Ha! But, it’s fun to pretend…

The Hippo Press is a free newspaper serving most of the southern half of New Hampshire through its multiple editions for the Concord, Manchester, and Nashua communities.

I was recently interviewed for the capital area and received an entire half page complete with a photo! Now, it’s up on their site, and I can share what has been so exciting for me and my family with all of you, my online friends:

You often hear horror stories of misrepresentations, etc., but Christina did a really nice job of accurately capturing our rather pleasant conversation (though I hope I didn’t say “cooker” rather than “cook”).

If any of my coworkers are reading this, don’t worry, I wouldn’t classify my career as “sometime”. :)

after just 12 days on raw food?

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Of course, we all understand how maintaining a low fat, vegan diet for any appreciable length of time can vastly improve one’s health. What’s even more impressive is that significant reductions in cholesterol and blood pressure can be achieved after a mere twelve days!

This video from the BBC’s educational series The Truth About Food tells the story of a short experiment in which the participants agreed to consume only raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds (all the while, living in a ZOO for dramatic effect ). In less than two weeks…

Well, you’ll see:

<A HREF="http://www.bbc.co.uk/sn/humanbody/truthaboutfood/flashapp/ram/nb/evodiet_16x9_nb.asx">Play with Windows Media Player.</A>

web two point oh?

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Just a quick announcement for my fellow bloggers…

Web 2.0 is all the rage these days. It’s loosely defined, to be sure. However, one thing is certain, it includes the social networking of which we are all a part. Technorati, MyBlogLog, etc.. Well, now there’s a new widget on the scene called BlogRush.

Do you want to expand your social community and have your posts seen by others who might not otherwise find you? Then you’ll definitely want to grab this free tool.

You can see it at work in my sidebar. I think it’s pretty cool.

It seems to do a good job of determining the overall topic of your blog. And, if you’re concerned what might appear there, know that you can provide it with a list of keywords to block. (Right now, my list just includes some non-vegan foods. Please let me know if you see a title there that doesn’t belong, and I’ll keep adding to it.)

[Update: I'm hearing this is still in Beta. Considering it's not filtering out that darn Italian Cream Cake, I believe it!  

Also, I found this post, 8 Reasons to Be Wary... and Optimistic, which presents a pretty balanced assessment. As a software engineer, I'm willing to give these guys a chance to work out the kinks. I figure, it's easy enough to remove, if need be. Looking forward to hearing everyone else's experiences with it.]

Where My CRON-ies At?

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

With the Labor Day weekend behind us and summer giving way to cooler temps, it’s time to crank up those ovens and stovetops and submit your recipes. I know there’s at least nine of you. ;)

The criteria:

  • * highly nutritious
  • * maximum of 350 calories per serving
  • * low fat
  • * low sodium
  • * gluten free

That’s it. Soy and cooked foods got the thumbs up (though I still hope we get a good number of raw recipes too).

You can either email me: [cron-recipes at vegandonelight dot com] or use the contact form.

Check out this recent public television program about longevity from KQED out of the Bay Area. CRS member Tadd Ottman features prominently in the segment on calorie restriction. I found the reporter refreshingly open-minded and non-confrontational. Enjoy.

By the way, did you know I now have a monthly nutrition newsletter?

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